A-7E Avionics System

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A-7E Avionics System
Date: 1992-08-31
Length: 472 pages
Source: Naval research Laboratory, Washington DC 20375-5320
Author: Alspaugh, Faulk, Britton, Parker, and Parsnass

Software Requirements for the A-7E Aircraft

ABSTRACT The Software Cost Reduction (SCR) research project introduced a new approach to specifying requirements for real-time embedded systems. The principles were applied in the development of the Software Requirements of the A-7E Aircraft, as an example of the use of the approach. The system software requirements specification document comprises the first product in a series of products which the SCR methodology produces, The methodology is intended to be adaptable for various types of systems. Specification properties which it supports include: (1) conciseness, (2) preciseness, (3) aids to completeness, (4) avoidance of redundancy, (5) descriptions of all externally visible behavior, (6) ease of change, (7) good reference tool, (8) record of fundamental assumptions which might otherwise be only implicit, (9) record of responses to error conditions, (10) specification of constraints on the system, and (11) separation of concerns; that is, a division of the information into distinct, independent parts.


The complete specification and additional documents (including a software module guide from Parnass) can be downloaded from our repository: https://svn.ipd.kit.edu/nlrp/public/A-7E

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