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Are you benchmarking already, or are you merely playing?

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Available Tasks

Type Exam Questions (9) Industrial Examples (2) Industrial Specifications (2) Peer-Reviewed Example(5) Real World (15) Standards (2) Teaching Examples (21) Textbook (0)
Language English (46) German (13)
Solution Availability UML Class Diagram (2) UML Activity Diagram (2)

The 25 most recent Tasks

Below you find the 25 most recent tasks in nlrpBENCH. A comprehensive list with all 55 tasks is available on the tasks page.


Natural Language Requirements Processing is a big area in international research. Still the subject if far from being covered in detail and many research projects focus on solving certain parts of this big undertaking.

We provide a benchmark to challenge and compare research results around the globe in this area. Let us explain why...

Requirements Engineering Lacks Tools Support

Requirements engineering is a discipline in software engineering that relies mostly on manual tasks carried out by skilled analysts. It starts with the elicitation of the stakeholders' needs, includes the management of the various user viewpoints, and the analysis of the gathered requirements.

Comparing Automation of RE Challenges with Benchmarks

All the challenges that come with automating parts of the requirements engineering processes occupy various research projects around the globe trying to tackle the problems.

To being able to compare these solutions to each other and to find a faster way to compare results and also to get a feeling of the quality/recall/precision of a new solution, we claim a universal set of benchmarks that can help the research community to compare their results.

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